About the Project


The Internet of Things (IoT) represents a major new development in distributed systems. Most research in this area has tackled urban environments with a strong focus on smart cities or transport infrastructure. In our view, IoT has even more potential in rural environments, providing real-time data streams to support a deep understanding of environmental inter-dependencies and the subsequent support for holistic management strategies. This project illustrates and evaluates the potential of IoT technology in a given catchment, the Conwy. Through this, the project is delivering:


1. An integrated distributed systems infrastructure consisting of an experimental Internet of Things also linking to a cloud computing environment, and achieving interoperability across the resultant complex system;


2. A set of techniques to discover and study inter-dependencies across disparate real-time data streams representing different environmental facets, at potentially different geographical locations and at different scales;


3. Two end user driven applications based on the underlying IoT/ cloud infrastructure demonstrating the impact of a more integrative approach to science and how it can inform holistic environmental management, e.g. across land and water management.


We are particularly interested in new kinds of science, and associated management strategies that stem from bringing real-time data sets together and observing related inter-dependencies.

This project was supported by  EPSRC grant EP/L023636/1 which is related to EP/L023555/1 and EP/L023237/1