The who's who of the Environmental Internet of Things


The proposed research involves a multi-disciplinary team drawn from the following:

• The School of Computing and Communications (Blair, Porter) at Lancaster University brings expertise on the Internet of Things (IoT) and distributed systems more generally as well as a wealth of experience in research in the wild;

• The Environment Centre Wales, incorporating CEH/BGS (Emmett, Shelley) and the University of Bangor (Jones, Chadwick), brings broad expertise in aspects related to terrestrial ecosystems as well as deep knowledge of our target catchment, the Conwy.

The project has a strong Stakeholders Group involving representatives of key beneficiaries of the work including: Welsh Water, Natural Resources Wales (merged Environment Agency-Wales, Forestry Commission Wales, Countryside Council for Wales), Welsh Government and Conwy CC.

This project was supported by  EPSRC grant EP/L023636/1 which is related to EP/L023555/1 and EP/L023237/1